Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hello Out There

Hello to anyone bothering to listen. I have been so busy completing some major projects since I retired last year that I had totally neglected this Lil Corner of MY World. If you have EVER been here I Thank You for stopping in. If this is your first time, Welcome. You won't even need to "grab a cuppa" anything as this is such a new, neglected, kinda boring place right now. I plan to change that!! I cannot promise a new post every day but some days there may be many posts as I am kind of distractable & can flit from project to project.
I was a pattern tester for Seamingly Smitten ONCE & it turned out to be one of the WORST three weeks of my married life! NONE of the bad parts had anything to do w/ the pattern testing. I got the dress started & the Chief had an emergency which put my sewing on hold for a few days. Once I got Chief home & comfy I got back to sewing. Well, he had another spell which put my sewing, picture taking & posting on hold another few days. While resting, he called out to me & I thought I heard panic so I rushed down stairs to see & ended up sliding down from the landing to the tiled floor, (about 6 steps) stopping on my "stinger"!! They don't call me 'Kweenbee' for nothin'! Well I hurt MORE than my pride & was "down" for a week of my own!! Sort of like the blind leading the blind at this point!!
Now I am back & ready to ROCK this blog w/ crafts, sewing, yappin, chattin & doing any/everything to keep me busy!  Enjoy, leave a comment or critique or question why I do what I do!!!
Ok, I'm done typin, over & out!

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