Monday, November 19, 2012

Some Crafts I've Made

Hello Kiddos! Just stoppin in to show off a few things I've made in the past year. Things have been quite rough for me physically & emotionally so I have been spending a better part of my daze days on my knees w/ my nose in the Good Book & my hands folded in prayer! Buuuuttttttt, I'm sure ya didn't stop in to hear me whine so w/o further ado, here are some paper crafts. I am rather new to blogging & was not even thinking of tutorials at the time of making these so I guess, grab a cuppa something & enjoy the pix! Thanks so much for stopping in & if you have ANY questions or would like deets on any of these, please do NOT hesitate to ask!! Thanks!

Everything you see here was done w/ the Cricut. I am definately NOT a pro & my pix are not the best quality but I L-O-V-E to do both & we ALL have to learn somewhere, right?
Again, Thanks for looking & for stopping in.